Conference program

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24 September 2015

13:30-14:00. Introductions
“Epochs of The Economist

14:00-15:45. Crises
“Economic media as financial observatory: the economist and the public debates on the panic of 1866” [abstract]
Alexandre Mendes Cunha and Carlos Eduardo Suprinyak (Federal University of Minas Gerais)

“How to Prevent a Banking Panic: the Barings Crisis of 1890 “ [abstract]
Eugene White (Rutgers University)

“In Search of Efficiency: The Economist’s coverage of the GFC to 1873, 1929 and 1987” [abstract]
Shant Fabricatorian (Columbia University)

15:45-16:00. break

16:00-17:15. Print culture
“It’s anonymous. It’s The Economist”. The journalistic and business value of anonymity” [abstract]
Angel Arrese (University of Navarra)

“Two brands of cosmopolitan journalism: A comparison between The Atlantic and the Economist” [abstract]
Francisco Seoane Perez (University of Castilla-La Mancha)

17:15-17:30. break

17:30-18:45. Liberalism
“The Economist and the Liberal Party: false friend or critical ally?” [abstract]
Peter Sloman (New College, Oxford)

“Walter Layton and John Maynard Keynes: Debating Liberal Economic
Orthodoxy in the Interwar Economist” [abstract]
Alexander Zevin (City University of New York)

19:00-20:00. The Economist archive.
Jeannette Strickland (The Economist)

25 September 2015

10:15-11:30. Peripheries
“The Other Half of Europe: The Economist Magazine for Bulgarian Internal and External Affairs, 1985-1989” [abstract]
Vasil Paraskevov (Konstantin Preslavsky University)

““Complexo de vira-lata” the use and abuse of the Economist in Brazil domestic disputes”
Tomas Undurraga (ECONPUBLIC, UCL-STS)

11:30-11:45. break

11:45-13:00. Financial Mobilization
“‘Imperial Folly’: The Economist and the high-tide of metrication c 1960-80” [abstract]
Aashish Velkar (University of Manchester)

“Financial heroism: financing the First World War in Britain and Germany” [abstract]
Josephine A Maltby (University of Sheffield) and Janette Rutterford (Open University)

13:00–14:00. break

14:00–15:45. Science, Technology, Medicine
“The Economist and the Early Telecommunications Industry: Moral Hazard, Deference or Poor Judgement?” [abstract]
James Foreman Peck (Cardiff University)

“Beating the drum quickly: The Economist’s Technology Quarterly and Innovation” [abstract]
Jonathan Coopersmith (Texas A&M)

“The Economist on Drugs” [abstract]
Jonas von Hoffmann (University of Exeter)

15:45-16:00. break

16:00-17:15. In the beginning…
“James Wilson, The Economist, and liberalism in the 1840s” [abstract]
C.P. Read (University of Cambridge and The Economist)

“Political Economy and the voice of The Economist“ [abstract]
Harro Maas (University of Lausanne)

17:15. Conference end